A quick note...

To precede my first “technical” post I'd like to mention something that I intend to do with this blog… get you reading the documentation for what you're doing. I'll try to provide as many links to actual/additional documentation as I can, but I'd like to avoid recreating steps and documentation that already exists. This isn't because I want you the reader to spend countless hours understanding every minute detail of what you're using, it's because documentation changes. [Read More]

Where to from here?

I just started a blog!

The short answer… everywhere. It'd feel weird to just start writing a blog without explaining why. I could just go right into a technical topic, but I think it is important to draw some context into why I want to write. Basically, I want to share my knowledge and maybe some thoughts at times. I have a wide range of interests. I'm not just an Android developer, I'm not just a backend developer. [Read More]